Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Back to blogging :)

I finally have a new tablet so I can post again, thanks dear! The last four months have gone by quickly! Since my last post (in August) Jimmy has cleared about 20 acres and planted grass seed and cleared about half a mile around some of our fence. This is how it looked before (close to fence line) when he started
This is how it looks now, it's going to make fixing fence so much easier, I can drive up to it with the truck and not have to make a couple trips carrying what I need for repairs each time a fence is down. I can't wait until all the 2 - 2 1/2 miles of fence are cleared
He has gotten all this accomplished along with working over 50 hours a week at his job, so proud of him! This is the first time I have had to freeze most of our vegetables and fruit. My vertigo has acted up a lot over the last three months and this kept me from working on much, so many things had to be put on the back burner.....I have started canning this week, (mostly jelly) I have used a lot of the frozen veggies so not a lot to do. I am soooo happy to be finally feeling better!.....bad news/good news....our outside wood furnace was too bad to even try to repair this year (hubby said), it's 34 years old (he has welded it so much over the last 4 years now there is nothing left to weld....so we have worked really hard this past year to save enough money to buy a heatmor. Hubby picked it up a few weeks ago and has it setting on a concrete pad and pipe running underground to the house (now have to fabricate inside house) trying to get it installed this month, not sure if that will happen since our house is over 150 years old and has never had duct work before so Jim has a lot of work still to do.We are lucky that our forced air is still putting along. :)
We had a bit of snow the other day, it looked really pretty with the green grass.
My granddaughter and mom can be so cute sometimes! What one does so does so does the other.....my granddaughter had to have some tests ran and when I went to the front desk to ask a question, she found the masks on the wall and this is what I came back to.....
We had a really nice Christmas, our kids and grand kids were all together and are all in good health. I just can't believe how fast the year went by.....This is my newest grand babies first Christmas she was amazed by everything around her but of course the wrapping paper was her favorite part. I love this photo of her.
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! It sure does feel good to be back on my blog! :)


  1. WELL! That was some catching up! lol I'm glad you're back to blogging and I hope any health problems soon work themselves out.

  2. So glad you're back! I was afraid something terrible had happened. Technology is great until it stops working!

    1. Thanks! I can't believe how much I missed blogging.

  3. Glad you guys are back and doing well! I was wondering where you had got to!


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