Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dr Phil 20/20 Diet, fingers crossed

Sorry but I am getting a bit personal here hope no one minds or is offended....I have come to realize a few things lately....first of all I love taking care of the ones I love. My children of course are first (and will always be first :), but when grandpa got sick I cared for him a little over 4 years, when we lost him soon after is when Dad and Mom started having problems so I cared for them both, then Dad passed in 2010....and since I have been Moms caregiver 24/7 and during this time my babies grew up on me.....don't get me wrong here I wouldn't change any of the decision's I made. My kids understand the more love you give the more you have to give....its just that sometimes life has a way of giving you a quick slap in the face....
I did my usual yearly blood work 2 weeks ago thinking everything would be fine like usual (I always think can't get sick too many to care for) :) well a few things are running a bit high and my Dr said we won't worry about it now but do a follow up blood work in 3 months if still high we will talk.....I think for the first time in over 26 years I looked "really" looked at myself....I see someone that has spent the last 26 years putting herself on the back burner and it shows! I have kinda let myself go a bit and gained 40 pounds over those years along with a bit of worry over loved ones here and there and also not eating as good as I should have......I am not writing this for a feel sorry for me but more of a "I am holding myself accountable" I realize life is not forever and this body we are each given should be cared for mentally and physically.....I also took a good look at my youngest daughter (she has a sweet little 10 month old) and thought she is going down the same road as I have only she is doing it 8 years earlier, kinda Mom see Mom do thing....I feel I need to change now and help her in the process so she doesn't get a similar slap in the face later in life....I am not saying don't take care of loved ones when they need help, just saying don't loose yourself during these times. I am beginning by "like the Dr said" eating more healthy and try my darnedest to loose the 40 pounds before my next blood work, take 30 minutes a day for just me time, exercise, then if still high I can say I did my best and see where the Dr wants to go from there! I thought the best way to (hopefully) keep me from backsliding is to update my progress weekly here on my blog with a picture of now and fingers crossed by April a picture of  me with 40 pounds less.....
I have been looking at diet books and most I felt I wouldn't be using for the long haul...I want a diet that will be more of a lifestyle change not one I would loose the weight then gain it all back and then some! I am loosing the weight for my health and if I can loose it I sure don't want it back a few months later! :) I ran across the Dr Phil 20/20 diet and I feel this fits me well (just finished reading the book this morning) I hope I will be posting here in 3 months with less weight but more important better numbers on my blood work! 


  1. It's difficult for a lot of women to take care of themselves. We are trained from birth to take care of everyone else. One of my goals is to do more for myself, including walks with Franklin and more time spent on my own writing.


  2. Good for you Janie!! Nice to hear from you :) I learned today this diet thing is going to be hard. I guess I will just try to get by day to day, I have never really dieted before and all I thought about today was food, I hope this changes.....I think I will add walking twice daily to my list, I can walk to the cattle guard and back in about 15 minutes I can leave Mom alone for that short of a time and do this twice a day. I do agree we are taught to take care of others when small....good luck on your writing!

  3. I'm 63 and have the 40 lb problem as well...back on the lo carb.
    Good luck with the Dr Phil diet. I'll check it out!


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