Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good news bad news.....

Good news first.....
Snow Ball had her little one and both are doing fine, this one is a girl so I can keep her. Now we need a name :)
Bad news...
We are down to our last bale of hay but I did find someone that will deliver me two bales and that should be all we need.
Very bad/sad news
We lost sisters baby (sister is one of Snow Balls calves) this was her first, the calf came breach I called the two vets in the area one was in surgery and the other was tied up at another farm. I got the calf turned but he was so big I had to try to pull him (with the tractor) and that didn't work. I finally got ahold of my father in law, he came out with a gentlemen that has a lot of experience with this and he brought out his puller, they pulled the calf and of course it was dead. The above picture is of sister being lifted, I was lucky that hubby came home the next day and helped me rig up something for her. After three days of lifting her for two hours then letting her lay for two she finally started getting up on her own. Her right back leg is still not perfect but she has her feeling back in it and is doing better daily.

Monday, March 17, 2014

First baby of the year :)

This is Ellie our Dexter, you can't tell by looking at her but she is the calmest sweetest cow! The only one we have that is calmer is Bella our Black Angus, Bella is a cow that thinks she is a dog! :)
Here is the little guy after a few hours, I gave mommy time to clean him up. It was so nice on the day he was born (70 degrees) we had a BBQ, glad she had him then instead of the following day......
This was yesterday....sleet then a couple inches of snow and 30 degrees, if it keeps this up we may have to get more wood. :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

So fun being a Nanny!

This has been such a happy and busy week, although it didn't start that way....
We had more ice than snow fall last Saturday so we could not get out our 3/4 mile drive Sunday or Monday. Most days this is okay with me, but since my daughters floor was getting the finishing touches done and she was with us....and 6 days over due I was a nervous wreck! My Mom (I am her caregiver) was all excited she kept going on and on about how her mom (my grandma) was a midwife and how many children my grandma delivered and how many mom got to assist with and she could deliver the baby herself and my daughters whatever will be will be attitude.....between both of them I had my hands full! :)
The little one decided to wait until the inducing on Tuesday and by then we could get out our drive. :) she was born at 2:17pm and weighed 7lb 15 oz. I am one proud Nanny and icing on the cake her house will not be ready until later this week so I get to hold her every day (when her mommy doesn't have her)
And then of course there is great Grandma (my mom) that also gets her turn, here is great grandma burping her (this little lady is going to be so spoiled!) 
I wish this weather would make up its mind! This picture was taken the day after the baby was born, my son and I had the kids at the park and it was beautiful out. The weatherman (hope he is wrong) says we will be getting another storm in a few days....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Floor removal and due date....

The kitchen floor in my youngest daughters house seemed to be sagging....well it took a bit to get friends of ours to check it out but we assumed it would just be a minor repair.....(I have learned never assume anything) but just in case they (her and her boyfriend) packed a few items and came home for a few days.,,
They removed a little of the floor and found one of the support beams had broken and others needed replaced....so they had to remove almost 2/3 of the floor and  jack the house up.
I thought it was very interesting I have never seen this done and you never know when something you have learned may come in handy.....knowledge in a lot of different area's has came in handy a lot of times....but then it has also gotten me stuck a lot also...
Why is it though when you think it will be a small project, it never is...
The next morning we came back so they could finish the job and realized that the cat had found a new area to play (under the house) and did not want to come out, cats can be so stubborn sometimes.,,,
This is the mess we (my daughters boyfriend and I) have to clean up from the floor removal.....then the tile needs put down, hoping we can get this finished so my youngest can be back home before she has the little one....
Her due date is today, I told her to relaxed give it a few days (up to a week) so we can get their house finished.....here she is yesterday hula hooping with her older brother, what part of calm does she not understand.... :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cutting Corners

Check up on cutting corners....since the last post on working to get out of debt...
1) I have called our cell (have 11 months left on the contract) but I did talk to an operator and saved $50 a month off our plan.
2) I have also only purchased $162 this past month on our groceries, the way I did this was by stocking up on sale items, what's on sale (if its something we use) I purchased a months worth of it! Except for the meat, our grocery store does a $5 for $25 and since I use a lot of vegetable's and  very little meat we can make this last for a month. I also tried to use coupons but since I make most things from scratch what I buy I can't seem to find coupons for...I am lucky though because with our last years garden I still have a lot of canned/frozen food and that saves bunches.
3) I also have not purchased any mayo or ketchup, with the mayo I use our eggs and the ketchup I am using some of my canned tomatoes from last years garden.
4) It has also saved me since I make my laundry soap and I had just purchased the ingredients in December so this means I am set for at least 7 months there.
So far what I have trimmed of our monthly bills :
Dish $49.00
House phone $42.00
Both of the above I can't eliminate, I am moms care giver and some things can not change in her life. :)
Cell phone (until contract is up) I got $50.00 off
That makes a total of $141.00 that I can apply to our house payment.
I also called the bank and with making weekly payments instead of monthly I will be cutting my loan time from 8 years to 6 1\2. :)
That takes care of this past month now I hope I can get more ideas for this month! On an up note hubby is doing so good! It will be 3 months, February 16, since his heart attack and the only problem I have is asking him to please slow down :)
This was last weekend, first 2 day weekend he has had off since Christmas and this is what we did both days, so glad he is able to and wants to catch up on things when he is home!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Incubator, egg's and school project

Our school project over three last three weeks was to gather eggs from the hen house and take care of them, watching the temp, water and counting the days until hatching time.....first my granddaughter and I had to get the incubator from its storage area in the barn, clean it up and decide how many eggs we wanted for our project...at this stage she was not too interested but we decided on 14 eggs....
But when the first baby pecked a hole in its egg three weeks later and she heard the first chirp....
She was hooked!
I could not get her to move from the incubator all day...
As the babies hatched and were put under the heat lamp each one was given a name (by her), we ended up with 10 babies out of the 14 we sat...
She was still with the babies at 10:00pm that night, I actually had to convince her they would be fine while she slept.... 
 Even the 4 inches of snow we got the same day the little ones hatched did not get her attention..,,
Although it did get Chewys attention this is her favorite time of year!
The little ones are now four days old and the only thing they are interested in is their food and water :) with the weather the way it is I think they will be in the spare room for at least three weeks before they graduate to the enclosed porch. I think this has been a very good school project and of course my granddaughter is already asking when we are setting the incubator again!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter winter go away....

Jim was home this past weekend yay! The two of us got 3 ranks of wood cut, split and ranked in the wood shed, with the storm that's hitting tomorrow morning I feel a lot better!
This was a big tree it fell during a storm last summer, part of it broke off and landed down the hill Jim cut some of it on the steep hillside and let it roll down to me
This tree was huge! the wood in the truck and on the ground have been quartered with the chainsaw just so we could load them, thank goodness we have the log splitter, once we got home it didn't take long to finish. 
I stocked up on groceries, feed, gas for the generator (if electric goes out) now with the wood up its just waiting game to see what mother nature is throwing at us again.....spring where are you....
I love watching the wildlife they can be so curious at times :)
Its nice after the work is done to set and watch the birds eating their seed.......
And the squirrel sneaking him some food from the bird feeder :)
I think the doves are my favorite to watch.
Hubby even found time to wax his company truck, its been getting really scratched and dinged up with some of the places he has to get into to do his job.