Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waiting and summer fun

We are still waiting on the electric company, I called yesterday and ask them if they could please call the day before they arrive and they said they will. I was getting tired of every time I leave the house I had to move the goats to a small pen in case they came while I was gone (don't want new goats to take off). The pole that needs replaced is in the goat pen so the fence has to be cut to get their truck in, anyway when I called they said I just made it to the list....wish I would have ask them weeks ago :)
The garden has done really good this year! When I do my Talley at the end of season I know its going to be way more than last year!
I don't use any pesticides on the garden, I just plant a little extra so the little bit that the insects or rabbits get don't bother me, besides they have to eat too. Anyway I found a friend in the garden yesterday (one I am allergic to) but a friend none the less :)
Our bottle baby Frankie is getting big, his mom Rosie still brings him up twice every day to get his bottle. I do only bottle feed him once a day now and grain feed him on his second feeding. The other day my youngest daughter and her little one came out to pet Frankie while I was feeding him (Frankie being Frankie) after his bottle he  reminds me of a cat, he rubs on my leg wants his neck and ears scratched....in the process my grand daughter dropped her Binky and Frankie started nudging it with his nose....my daughter told him he could have it and put it in his mouth, not really thinking he would take it.
He looked so cute I had to run in the house to get my camera, didn't need to hurry though when I came back out he still had it in his mouth! I ended up taking it away from him when they started to leave, didn't want him to break it and maybe get it in his mouth. I love my farm family!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Replacing electric pole

The electric co op came out to inspect our lines and decided we need to have an upgraded meter and a pole replaced. This pole is on the fence line between the goat pen and our yard. There is also a tree in the way of replacing pole so the tree was cut and half ended up in the yard and other half in goat pen...
The half that fell in the yard is waiting on hubby to come home to help me with cutting and clean up (more firewood). The half that fell in the pen with the goats....
They are enjoying an unexpected snack along with a new toy to run around and jump on....
Here also are our two new little ones, on the right is Bucky and left is Sadie
Goats are so fun to watch, they find play in everything around them.  When we get all this cleaned up so the co op can set the new pole I can't wait to see what the goats think of the new pole and I also ordered a dust to dawn light for the top of the pole so some of their pen will be lit at night....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

vacation, home and new little ones

We had a really nice vacation! I told hubby we need to do this at least once every couple years :)
But it felt so good to see our driveway again!
It was nice to realize the next morning that nothing had changed.....short britches (Dexter calf) got into the yard and was trying to reach into the goat pin to eat their food. Gilbert (my goat) was as usual not happy about it....
The little guy (Rosie's calf) is now three weeks old, the poor girl can't take care of him by herself (developed a problem last year and now doesn't produce enough milk) so she brings him up twice a day and we give him a bottle.
Rosie still loves to lick the bottle after her baby is finished....
We did have a nice get together on July 4th, my 4 month old grand daughter was amazed by the fireworks...
My nephew's favorite thing was the desert...
Hubby and I went to a goat farm last week to get a 2 month old male goat...but we also fell in love with a 3 month old girl so we came home with both! Above is their family :) I have pictures of the new arrivals but can't seem to get them to load so maybe next post. The couple that have the farm are very nice, the kind of people you feel right at home pulling up a chair and talking a bit with.....of course we more or less did just that.....she even taught me a few things I didn't know about goats. All in all so far its been an eventful July!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nutrigrain mill and long awaited vacation!

I learned an important lesson "if you get points letters in the mail check it out" My husband has to stay in a motel because his job is 5 hours from our home well he has been getting these letters in the mail (that I sadly ignored) about reward points for over 4 years because of staying in these motels....we thought it was just for free nights but since we don't get away that often I never checked into it....but hubby decided to check into it about a month ago and found out it was not just for free stays in the motel you can purchase hundreds of different items with your points! He had over 200,000 points so I got on the site and found something I have been wanting for years!! So happy :) and it was only 74,000 points

Next I purchased berries: 25 pounds each of spring white wheat and red wheat, 5 pounds each of rye, barley, spelt and 2 buckets with locking seals for the red and white wheat.

I was so excited to start grinding my flour! The first batch I made was rather disheartening they were rather heavy and dense so I decided to change a few ingredients here and there, then after more a couple more batches I ended up going back to the recipe Whole Wheat Honey Bread from a book I got a while back but I also added 1 tablespoon dough enhancer with 1 teaspoon water and I love it! the bread is light and airy and also make a great sandwich bread, I have made three batches of 2 loaves each since then and they have all turned out great. There is something about grinding berries into flour that is so exhilarating It makes me feel that this is one more thing I can control! The bread is not as light and airy as store bought white but I am slowly getting there and the flavor is so much better!
We are also finally using the vacation my husbands boss gave him three years ago! :) we are going (with two of our grandchildren) to Pigeon Forge Tenn for four days and Franklin NC for two. This is thanks to my youngest daughter that volunteered to set with my Mom and tend to our animals this coming week and thanks to our oldest for letting us take both her children. Excited!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Past and Present

So glad April is over, seems like I am always looking over my shoulder thinking let nothing bad happen, I am sure most everyone has a month or a day they dread? I lost my grandfather and father in April, my grandfather (I was his power of attorney) when complications from a surgery occurred I was the one that had to turn off the machine.  I think this was hardest decision I ever had to make, looking back I think it was that much harder because I had to do it alone, I was the only one that could make it. My grandfather had a living will and it said never to be put on a machine because (he said) he did not ever want to put me in the position of turning it off, but things happened so fast the hospital put him on without (I guess) looking at his records. They informed me that once he was on the machine it reverted to the power of attorney and that person had to remove it and of course that was me. I almost wanted to say and now you are looking at his living will.....My father didn't have a living will and when complication happened the hospital wanted to put him on the machine (they said) long enough to run tests to see if they could find what went wrong, they did not find the cause but they said he was brain dead and the machine had to be turned off. This decision (with Dad) was between my 5 siblings and I, this may sound odd but it took a lot of stress off me knowing I was not doing it alone this time. With my grandfather the stress of what I had to do put me in the ER but with dad it was just the gut wrenching sorrow of loosing a very important love in my life. I could almost feel the distribution of the decision with dad resting on the shoulders of all of us not just mine, if that makes sense? My grandfather passed 10 years ago and Dad 4, both within a few days of Easter. I hope one of these years I look forward to April again, it was/is a time of family get togethers, BBQs, church events, it all still goes on around me, I just cant seem to get the same "feeling" I used to get. I hope soon it will be like that again without the pain. Sorry did not plan to post the above, I just sat down to post births and it happened...
On to the farm :) We had two births in April
                                       Bella had a girl
                              Snowball also had a girl
When looking at all three calves the other day my daughter laughed and said they look like the ink was slowly running out....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good news bad news.....

Good news first.....
Snow Ball had her little one and both are doing fine, this one is a girl so I can keep her. Now we need a name :)
Bad news...
We are down to our last bale of hay but I did find someone that will deliver me two bales and that should be all we need.
Very bad/sad news
We lost sisters baby (sister is one of Snow Balls calves) this was her first, the calf came breach I called the two vets in the area one was in surgery and the other was tied up at another farm. I got the calf turned but he was so big I had to try to pull him (with the tractor) and that didn't work. I finally got ahold of my father in law, he came out with a gentlemen that has a lot of experience with this and he brought out his puller, they pulled the calf and of course it was dead. The above picture is of sister being lifted, I was lucky that hubby came home the next day and helped me rig up something for her. After three days of lifting her for two hours then letting her lay for two she finally started getting up on her own. Her right back leg is still not perfect but she has her feeling back in it and is doing better daily.

Monday, March 17, 2014

First baby of the year :)

This is Ellie our Dexter, you can't tell by looking at her but she is the calmest sweetest cow! The only one we have that is calmer is Bella our Black Angus, Bella is a cow that thinks she is a dog! :)
Here is the little guy after a few hours, I gave mommy time to clean him up. It was so nice on the day he was born (70 degrees) we had a BBQ, glad she had him then instead of the following day......
This was yesterday....sleet then a couple inches of snow and 30 degrees, if it keeps this up we may have to get more wood. :)