Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New babies and life

I love this time of year!
We picked up a bottle calf last week he is so cute. His name is cooper.
Our neighbor (about a mile and half away) dropped off  this cute little baby goat he said something happened to the mom and he couldn't get the little one to eat. She was so bad I didn't think she would live, my daughter and I dripped milk into her mouth every 2 hours for almost 2 days. Then at one feeding she started sucking on the nipple and is now doing great and running all over, she is so tiny we have her in the house in a playpen were she will stay for a few more days. I realized a few days later they were both (calf and goat) born February 15 how cute is that :)
Oh found this post on someones facebook, this is so true! I get my feelings hurt at some of the comments people I know make because I butcher a calf every 2 years and a pig every year. I give all my animals the same attention and they have 100 acres to run and play on its a shame they don't understand how much better they are than some places they could have ended up. Sorry just found post and it's just what I have been telling some for a few years, not talking about my blogger friends this is some family and others around town. This blog has been so nice because I run into so many like minded people and it feels really good! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lesson learned and lye soap

Learned a new lesson today....if the bull looks upset then maybe he is! I loaded a round bale on the tractor and was headed to one of the hay rings when the bull starts running around the tractor kicking like a calf does. I just assumed he had a lot of energy today so I kept going. Then he backs up and rams the side of the tractor, it jerked the tractor, shocked I almost lost my seating. I am now realizing he is (for some reason) mad then he runs around to the hay bale and rams it hard. He backs up and rams the hay bale a second time then he starts trying to push the tractor, head down on the bale. I am getting a little (sorry lot) scared thinking what do I do because if he rams the side again he cold catch my leg or knock me off the tractor (it's a small one) also with him pushing I'm not really going anywhere. As luck would have it my youngest daughter was driving through the field from picking up one of the kids from the bus and she starts tooting her horn and yelling out the window. The mister then stops to look at the car and I go around him and to the hay ring drop the bale and get back into the fenced in area before he gets his sights set on me again. I have walked within 4 feet of this bull before when giving grain checking on calves etc and never had a problem with him! The only thing I can think of is maybe one of the cows are coming in, or he got mad when I said shoo or he just didn't like the tractor today....I do know from now on I will never ever go near him by myself. The Polaris will get used when feeding grain and I won't feed hay if he is near, (just in case) at least my lesson learned ended up only being a bruised arm when he hit the side of the tractor! Could have been so much worse!
It's just a single color but I'm proud of it :)
On to calmer things I made my first batch of hot process lye soap yesterday, sliced them today they are now waiting for 2 weeks. :)
In this recipe I used coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil along with the lye, water and orange essential oil. It's smells really good, can't wait to try them.
I also found these rubber molds at Aldi this week for $2 each , next batch I make I want to try them.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Creeks became a river overnight and lesson learned

I can't believe I let life get in the way of my blog last year! I had a wake up yesterday when my phone bit the dust and all last year's pictures with it. My first thought was I will have some from my blog....but alas no because with some health problems Mom had last year and a few of mine I got busy and time got away from me and I just did not post. Now I don't have any records of births,  pictures of animals or family. I alway learn my lessons the hard way!
An important event took place this past December and we lost a dear sweet cow, Snowball, she drowned in the creek where they both meet at the lower end of our property. We were lucky that her 2 month old little girl was okay (we found her with the other cows) and she now lives in the barn lot with our mini horse and seems to be thriving. We named her Taffy when she was born because she is the sam color as her Mom. Taffy is another one that will always have a home here. We had so much rain in a 2 day period that our creeks sounded and looked more like a river and Snowball for some reason was down there and drowned. She has been a part of our farm family for 10 years and is missed. I have pictures of Snowball from previous posts but with my phone broke can't put one up of her here....
I have started a new hobby! I say new I tried this once before but for some reason it didn't stick anyway I usually try a lot of different crafts to keep Mom learning new things and to keep her mind busy but this one seems to have stuck. It's making lye soap, we started out just plain then went with essential oils. We are going to try coloring next but since I only use organic oils I have been looking for natural ways to color our soap so far it's looks like we will try clays. Well I guess I have said enough for tonight. Hopefully will have working phone by next week and can add pictures.

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Mister

I haven't blogged in a while because well I just didn't have much to say....guess that will change since summer is near :) We picked up a new bull this week, we kept one of last year's calves so the old bull had to go. I was sad to see him leave but the new bull is about 2 years old and very calm, this makes me happy since I am out in the fields a lot with the cows "my girls" and the bull "the Mr". Most of the cows ignored the new mister except Bella and Ellie....
Mister met Bella first......
Then Ellie got in the middle of it......after this though he became part of the group and seemed fit in, or maybe the rest just ignored him....
On to other things I lost a few cucumber plants this week a mole found my garden. Not sure if it's the same one or not but he also has been around the chicken pen and a few places in the yard. Has anyone had this problem? If so what is a good way to catch him/them?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dr Phil 20/20 Diet, fingers crossed

Sorry but I am getting a bit personal here hope no one minds or is offended....I have come to realize a few things lately....first of all I love taking care of the ones I love. My children of course are first (and will always be first :), but when grandpa got sick I cared for him a little over 4 years, when we lost him soon after is when Dad and Mom started having problems so I cared for them both, then Dad passed in 2010....and since I have been Moms caregiver 24/7 and during this time my babies grew up on me.....don't get me wrong here I wouldn't change any of the decision's I made. My kids understand the more love you give the more you have to give....its just that sometimes life has a way of giving you a quick slap in the face....
I did my usual yearly blood work 2 weeks ago thinking everything would be fine like usual (I always think can't get sick too many to care for) :) well a few things are running a bit high and my Dr said we won't worry about it now but do a follow up blood work in 3 months if still high we will talk.....I think for the first time in over 26 years I looked "really" looked at myself....I see someone that has spent the last 26 years putting herself on the back burner and it shows! I have kinda let myself go a bit and gained 40 pounds over those years along with a bit of worry over loved ones here and there and also not eating as good as I should have......I am not writing this for a feel sorry for me but more of a "I am holding myself accountable" I realize life is not forever and this body we are each given should be cared for mentally and physically.....I also took a good look at my youngest daughter (she has a sweet little 10 month old) and thought she is going down the same road as I have only she is doing it 8 years earlier, kinda Mom see Mom do thing....I feel I need to change now and help her in the process so she doesn't get a similar slap in the face later in life....I am not saying don't take care of loved ones when they need help, just saying don't loose yourself during these times. I am beginning by "like the Dr said" eating more healthy and try my darnedest to loose the 40 pounds before my next blood work, take 30 minutes a day for just me time, exercise, then if still high I can say I did my best and see where the Dr wants to go from there! I thought the best way to (hopefully) keep me from backsliding is to update my progress weekly here on my blog with a picture of now and fingers crossed by April a picture of  me with 40 pounds less.....
I have been looking at diet books and most I felt I wouldn't be using for the long haul...I want a diet that will be more of a lifestyle change not one I would loose the weight then gain it all back and then some! I am loosing the weight for my health and if I can loose it I sure don't want it back a few months later! :) I ran across the Dr Phil 20/20 diet and I feel this fits me well (just finished reading the book this morning) I hope I will be posting here in 3 months with less weight but more important better numbers on my blood work! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Back to blogging :)

I finally have a new tablet so I can post again, thanks dear! The last four months have gone by quickly! Since my last post (in August) Jimmy has cleared about 20 acres and planted grass seed and cleared about half a mile around some of our fence. This is how it looked before (close to fence line) when he started
This is how it looks now, it's going to make fixing fence so much easier, I can drive up to it with the truck and not have to make a couple trips carrying what I need for repairs each time a fence is down. I can't wait until all the 2 - 2 1/2 miles of fence are cleared
He has gotten all this accomplished along with working over 50 hours a week at his job, so proud of him! This is the first time I have had to freeze most of our vegetables and fruit. My vertigo has acted up a lot over the last three months and this kept me from working on much, so many things had to be put on the back burner.....I have started canning this week, (mostly jelly) I have used a lot of the frozen veggies so not a lot to do. I am soooo happy to be finally feeling better!.....bad news/good news....our outside wood furnace was too bad to even try to repair this year (hubby said), it's 34 years old (he has welded it so much over the last 4 years now there is nothing left to weld....so we have worked really hard this past year to save enough money to buy a heatmor. Hubby picked it up a few weeks ago and has it setting on a concrete pad and pipe running underground to the house (now have to fabricate inside house) trying to get it installed this month, not sure if that will happen since our house is over 150 years old and has never had duct work before so Jim has a lot of work still to do.We are lucky that our forced air is still putting along. :)
We had a bit of snow the other day, it looked really pretty with the green grass.
My granddaughter and mom can be so cute sometimes! What one does so does so does the other.....my granddaughter had to have some tests ran and when I went to the front desk to ask a question, she found the masks on the wall and this is what I came back to.....
We had a really nice Christmas, our kids and grand kids were all together and are all in good health. I just can't believe how fast the year went by.....This is my newest grand babies first Christmas she was amazed by everything around her but of course the wrapping paper was her favorite part. I love this photo of her.
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! It sure does feel good to be back on my blog! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waiting and summer fun

We are still waiting on the electric company, I called yesterday and ask them if they could please call the day before they arrive and they said they will. I was getting tired of every time I leave the house I had to move the goats to a small pen in case they came while I was gone (don't want new goats to take off). The pole that needs replaced is in the goat pen so the fence has to be cut to get their truck in, anyway when I called they said I just made it to the list....wish I would have ask them weeks ago :)
The garden has done really good this year! When I do my Talley at the end of season I know its going to be way more than last year!
I don't use any pesticides on the garden, I just plant a little extra so the little bit that the insects or rabbits get don't bother me, besides they have to eat too. Anyway I found a friend in the garden yesterday (one I am allergic to) but a friend none the less :)
Our bottle baby Frankie is getting big, his mom Rosie still brings him up twice every day to get his bottle. I do only bottle feed him once a day now and grain feed him on his second feeding. The other day my youngest daughter and her little one came out to pet Frankie while I was feeding him (Frankie being Frankie) after his bottle he  reminds me of a cat, he rubs on my leg wants his neck and ears scratched....in the process my grand daughter dropped her Binky and Frankie started nudging it with his nose....my daughter told him he could have it and put it in his mouth, not really thinking he would take it.
He looked so cute I had to run in the house to get my camera, didn't need to hurry though when I came back out he still had it in his mouth! I ended up taking it away from him when they started to leave, didn't want him to break it and maybe get it in his mouth. I love my farm family!!