Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday Mornings....

Its funny how you read someones else's blog and its like that's my hubby and I also! I was reading beyond dirt the other day and it made me realize my hubby and I also have a Saturday morning date each week. We have breakfast at home then head to our local feed store and stock up on supplies for the animals (and of course catch up on whats going on). After this (I know a lot of fun, it really is!) we stop by the farmers market (again another catch up with neighbors), sorry to us neighbors are anyone that lives in the same town as us and also in the neighboring town. Depending on what week it is we either head to the animal auction, stop by Orchlin's, or go home unload the feed and work on fence, barn or whatever animal needs our attention (there is always someone or thing) haha. Then have lunch together (usually back home) on a few Saturdays there are the local festivals that we attend during the fall....Would not change our Saturday dates for anything! :)
I wonder how others spend their Saturdays...

This is what we did on our "date" this past Saturday, (after the usual) we then headed about an hour and a half from home to look at these. Are they not cute! I have been wanting to find an animal that would stay with the cows and help protect them. We have a problem  with some dogs that keep getting closer and closer to our house and no one claims them. They are healthy and fat so they have to belong to someone close by and I am afraid for the cows. We have also seen some coyotes close to the house, Chewy chased one across our back field a couple of weeks ago. Anyway the dogs are about the size of Chewy and since there are five of them....I would feel better if I had another protector running around with them to give Chewy a hand (sorry paw) if needed. Hubby and I will be making another trip next weekend to pick one of them up, the only thing is which one....


  1. Hi,

    Two years ago we purchased a female Llama/Alpaca Cross for our small hobby farm. She did an amazing job protecting and patrolling our property day and night. She was especially protective of our lambs and baby goats when they were little. Always following behind them.

    Here is what I have learned when selecting a Llama or Alpaca. When selecting a Llama or Alpaca you will want to pick out the one that has a natural curiosity about their surroundings. You want them to be confident and to MOVE towards whatever is coming their way. That is the key! Otherwise you will have a timid animal that will run away. When looking at a herd of Llama's take note of the animal that is constantly looking around the property. Observe whether or not they patrol the area.
    Now some Llama owners, have socialized their animals and so they do not spit. That would be a desirable trait to have. Ask the owners how much contact they have had with the Llama's. That too will become helpful when it's time to sheer the Llama.

    Since,you would like this Llama to protect your cattle, it's best to only purchase one animal. Their main focus will be to protect their herd. A female Llama or a gelded male would be your best bet. Please avoid buying an intact male. It's not worth having them confront you, chase you or ram you. NOT WORTH IT!

    Also before purchasing a female, please find out if she is pregnant. Once she has that baby her entire focus will be shifted onto her baby. That's what happened to us. A few days after we sold her 7 month old son, she became depressed, stopped eating, and died of a broken heart. It was that quick.

    Anyways, I hope your search goes well.
    Take your time and visit a few farms before you make your decision. If you meet the right breeder they will gladly answer all of your questions...even those questions you might have after the sale.


  2. Sandra, Thank you You have told me a good deal about Llama's that I did not know, I appreciate it! It gives me a whole new outlook on this breed, not knowing this I would have just picked one and I am sure i would have been disappointed. I do not think I will pick up one this weekend until I check around some more. :)
    Again Thanks Kim


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