Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#7 - Make your own, use less (or at least try)

Some of this could have went with #3 household organisation or #4 re-use, re-purpose, but I felt like it needs its own spot with me. Something as simple as dish cloths can be made at home, yes I have priced the store bought ones vs/me making them and they may cost close to the same. I get two cotton dishcloths out of one ball of cotton yarn. Most of mine though (cotton yarn balls) are from yard sale finds usually at .25 apiece, cant understand.....why buy yarn (or anything for that matter) and not use it? The ones that are more or less free are the made overs from other items, towels, old t-shirts, sheets etc...
I have noticed a big difference in our grocery bill since I have been going by #1, at first it was a little time consuming, although I had been doing a lot already but now what I added on also seems normal.
I also make my own duster, soak 18 to 20 inch cheese cloth squares in a mixture of 2 cups hot water and 1/4 cup lemon oil. squeeze out mixture and let dry. When totally dry I keep in a zip lock bag until ready to use, I have also used this with old towels I just cut them up and use in place of the cheese cloth and they are free....more or less. I love the smell of lemon when I dust its my one of my favorites, just under the smell of Vanilla! Then when I have used it, throw it into the washing machine and start all over again. Lemon to me is a clean smell and when I use it around the house the house seems cleaner, I know mind thing....
I started making my own soap last year and since I pick up the fat from a butcher down the road (sorry about 5 miles away)  but the fat is free and lye is not expensive so it ends up like penny's a bar. I did re batch some bars and added oatmeal, Shea butter etc, the family used them a lot more than just the plain goat milk soap, so anyway I will keep making soap. I also save as much on the electric bill as I can, but one of the things I would love to do is live more off grid. I have learned a lot on this topic from over at Hard Work Homestead, they are totally off grid, you can learn a lot from her site! I do make my own cheeses one of my favorites at this time is from my goats milk. I do have Connie the cow so we have fresh cow's milk and butter and we also have a supply of butter in the freezer. Calista (goat) is the only one being milked at this time (others have not had their kids yet), I make soft cheeses with her milk and conjeta. oh! I just realized this could go on and on, I guess my attitude needs to be when I see something I need, make sure it is a need not a want! Then stick with the attitude of make sure it is not something I can make (remake, patch etc) at home first, do not just "run to the store"! Hope by the end of this year to only have my mortgage payment (this is set up hopefully on 10 year plan) and also have some extra cash set back. A lot of work and keeping fingers crossed for the year! I also keep a ledger so I can remind myself how much I am saving so (hopefully) no back sliding!  :)

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  1. You have great aspirations and I am sure that you will meet everyone. And I am with you, I only shop second hand these days, mostly at flea markets. I cant believe the things you can get for a quarter. I have a little withdraw this time of year and wait anxiously for them to start up in the spring:)


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