Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting back to our life

I feel so lucky to be back to enjoying the everyday happenings that make up our life here on our farm. Although I still can't seem to keep my mind off "what could have happened" every time I think of it I can't seem to catch my breath, I hope time will ease my mind. One main thing that has happened and I don't think will change is that I don't take anything or anyone for granted anymore, I enjoy my time with my loved one's, I don't sweat the small stuff and take one day at a time thanking God for the time we all have together.
Two of my nephews came over last weekend to help Jim and I get our wood in, with Jim's heart attack we were getting dangerously low on wood! family always seems to come through when you need a helping hand and with the wood we got that day we now have enough stacked up to last until about the middle of January. Jim has said for the last 30 odd years "God may not give me what I want, but he always gives me what I need" this so true  :)
This is what we woke up to the next day, our wood was gotten into the shed just in time.
Jim started back to work this week with no limitations and seems to be doing great, I have noticed though when he gets a chance to relax and nap he does. I told him its about time he slows down even if just a little, life needs to be enjoyed "take time to smell the roses" or "nap and dream of smelling the roses"! Jim has always been a hard worker and I don't see him being any other way but I think this stint in the hospital was a wake up call for him that many are not given the chance or privilege to get. His last cigarette was November 16 (day of his heart attack) and I am so proud of him. I have never smoked but it can't be easy to just stop! he is also listening to his Dr. and eating a lot more "heart healthy" I have never been so proud of him in making these changes and sticking to them! if you happen to read this dear Love you and many more happy years :)


  1. A friend of mine who was an alcoholic managed to give up drinking, but she said she couldn't quit smoking–that giving up cigarettes is harder than anything else.


    1. My husband said its very hard, when he wants one he says he tells himself he doesn't need it over and over and breathes slowly until the feeling is gone. its now been 29 days and he said its getting better but still the habit of wanting to light up is still there.
      Take care Jane, nice talking to you :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog, leaving a comment and following. I am now following you too!
    My heartfelt prayer that your Jim will continue to do well.

    1. Thanks Beth I enjoy reading your blog and thanks for the prayer for jim its very much appreciated!

  3. My husband had a heart attack back in 2004. Thankfully, he had quit smoking before the attack and has stayed with it. He tried many times before and failed.

    Yes, we all need to rest when we need to and not push ourselves so hard.
    Good for you for telling him that.

    That picture could have been a rear view of my Dad who wore overalls every day of his life.

    Bless the family for helping with the wood.

  4. That picture was taken of my dad and grand daughter the year before he passed. Overalls is all my dad ever wore also, in fact he was buried in a pair with his favorite shirt. Thanks for bringing back good memories, it still makes me smile! Nice talking yo you :)


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