Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Check list and visitor in the new garden

I am trying to get as much done around the farm as I can this week before hubby gets home, with hubby having Saturday and Sunday off work we have a long list needing attention around here. There is more to get done than we could possibly do in just two days, so I have a check list of items I can do myself before hubby gets home. First on my list today was to get 6 loads of compost on the new garden so it can set a few days before hubby tills it up (check), first though he has to fix the tractor tiller.
I had this little guy surprise me on my fourth load of dirt today (guess I surprised him to)! I gently picked him up with my shovel and walked him about 10 feet away and left him comfy on a tree stump. I  like to have them around they are good for a number of reasons, he is about 3 1/2 feet long. The only thing I hate is the first scare when I see a snake (flips in my mind) is it a copper head before my mind even notices the color, then it takes me a second to catch my breath! :)
Next on my list was to bring all the fence posts from the barn that will be needed to fence off the new orchard area Saturday yay excited! I also needed to bring down the rolled up fence wire and clips (needed for the metal posts) and the compost hauled down for this area (Check)
Next on my list was to mow the weeds that are 2 feet tall all around the new garden area (check), as I finished the area I left these alone they were just to pretty to mow and not real close to the garden!
The last thing on my list today was done latter this evening, because I had to pack everything away and take Mom to her check up with the Dr first. When I returned (its odd how this works) I left for the appointment feeling "full steam ahead" but when I returned I really wanted to just go into the house! I did not though because I would not have gotten the last item on my list finished! I had help with this last one though, my daughter was home from school and this really needs two people anyway. The fence wire that was around the old chicken house we decided to refurbish so her and I took it down rolled it up and now it will go around the new garden. This fence wire is 6 feet tall and only three years old and I know the chickens cannot get through this fence. :) I am also hoping if the goats get into the yard (fingers crossed it doesn't happen) they will not be able to get into the garden (like they did last year). Or for that matter they wont be able to get into the fenced off orchard area! Goats amaze me at the things they can get into/cross/go over etc...but....they are so funny I cant stay mad at them! My daughter and I were lucky, took down the fence, rolled and tied it up and just got the metal posts out of the ground and stacked before the rain hit! (Check on the last item for today) Now I hope we don't get to much rain, I really want to get the garden tilled and planted this weekend.

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