Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crochet Dish Cloths

I am running low on dish cloths, so my goal this week is to get 6 made (4ply 100 % cotton). I am not sure what the pattern is called but it is just double crochet a very easy pattern I can get one done usually in about 3 hours. I started making dish cloths about a year ago and am hooked! Its very relaxing and they seem to last longer than the ones I usually purchased at the store so its a win win.
I was reading Rhonda's blog the other day and I think the next time I make some I am going to try 2 ply cotton it should make a thinner dish cloth and should be good for windows, polishing etc.
I will try to give pattern, I am sure this stitch is in any crochet book though.
 ( chain 34 turn double crochet in second chain and in each chain across (ending with  total of 33 double crochet), 1st row done, 2nd row chain 3 turn skip first double crochet *double crochet front of the next post then double crochet in back post of the next post* across then last stitch is just half double crochet chain 3 turn, 3rd row double crochet across again chain 3 turn, then repeat next row with front post, back post double crochet half double crochet in last stitch chain 3 turn, across till you get the size wanted end last row with double crochet.


  1. I have always knitted mine, but I like this pattern. I will have to try this. They look nice and scrubby and thick and absorbent.

    1. I still use them a lot, they are very absorbent. I hope I told you the pattern correctly, writing a pattern is not something I can do well! I have taught myself to knitt (kinda) and I have made a few knitted dish cloths and I like the look of the knitted better


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