Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I had a really nice five days with hubby, so glad his boss suggested I go with him! :) hubby was in class during the day but in the evenings we had dinner together, since he has been gone so much the last five years it was really fun, I enjoyed ever minute. I was surprised though (not in a good way) the classes were in Nashville Tennessee and I kinda expected friendly down home relaxed people........not saying all of Nashville is like this, but the people I met would not even return my "hi" and it surprised me how many people don't even bother to speak English . I know this sounds weird but when I don't understand the language I feel like people are talking about me.....I know I'm a bit weird.... :) my grand daughter got to go with us, her and I spent one day at the Opryland mills
This was the highlight of her trip, we stayed for hours with her setting and watching the fish. 
She was smiling for this picture until (I didn't realize it was set on a timer) just as I snapped the photo it moved and made a noise........she wouldn't stand next to it for another photo.....
Hubby works hard, long hours away from home so he stays in a motel 5/6 nights a week, (I'm glad he loves his job) but what goes with it is not so great. I feel so sorry for him now, I did not realize how uncomfortable staying in a motel can be! The bed was too hard, the pillows too soft and there seems to be (at night) people either talking in the hallway (loudly) or someone slamming a door and on top of that during the day people on the highway are rude and then in person most people are even worse....it felt so good to get home today. I stopped by the post office to get the mail and it took me a good half an hour to leave because I kept running into people that wanted to just talk, hubby only had time to take a nap, pack another weeks worth of clothes and head back......miss him already, but I understand why he says every time he gets back "its good to be home"
And why he sets and stares at the fire when we are burning brush
Or watches the cows in the field for long stretches.......this is his down time.....his reality check from the rat race that he deals with day in and day out
With grand daughter
And both daughters
And most important his time to relax with family, I think after this short trip I went on with him its made me realize why when he is home that's where he wants to stay and why it's always seemed so important to have his "home cooked meals" its his reality check, his reminder this is why he is working long hours and staying in motels and putting up with rude people daily. Sometimes I think its good to walk in someone else's shoes for a bit, it makes you realize how lucky and blessed you are, at least it did me.......now just waiting for hubby to call and let me know he made the 6 hour drive to the motel safe and sound again, then I can climb in my nice comfy bed with a better understanding of the dear sweet, hard working man that my hubby is. All in all I had a nice trip but like hubby says "its good to be home"  :)


  1. It's always good to 'walk in another's shoes'. So much is learned & then possibly forgiven.

    1. Exactly! I will be a lot more understanding about his time off, sometimes I kinda thought why does he not want to take me out? I look forward to his one day off then he wants to stay home......if I were in his shoes that is what I would do also :) in that respect the trip was priceless!

  2. What a sweet post about "hubby" and of your appreciation for what he does. As the saying goes "there's no place like home".....:) Thanks for sharing!


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