Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fun, Spring and kids go so well together

I was rather sad this morning! I have a routine in the mornings of setting down at the computer with a cup of something and read the blogs I follow, its almost like you all are neighbors that I just set and chat with. I am setting up what I want in the garden (when the rain lets me) and I remembered something that I did not write down from hardwork homesteads blog and now its not there, this is not the first time I have done this with her blog, its just this morning it really bothered me :( its almost like I lost a friend. Do any of you feel like this with the blogs you read, or am I just odd.....hope I'm not odd.....  :D I have learned so many things from others and I store it in my memory, then when I need it I usually just pop onto that blog and find it again.....not thinking the blog someday may no longer be there, well that is what I did again this morning......  :( hope everything is going great for her! :)
These cuties were in the pond when I woke up this morning, I loved it they are so pretty....the cows were not to keen on the newcomers invading their territory though and kept yelling at them  :)
Rosie is never going to let her baby grow up, Callie is now over a year old and they are still inseparable and Rosie is constantly cleaning her, its really cute! :)
We ended the day with another trip to the lower creek, the above picture is of my niece, nephew and grand daughter the three of them have already made plans to bring swim suits and they have already put in an order with my sister and I that they want a picnic tomorrow evening also. To be a child again....sigh..... :)


  1. I have found the same thing happen, someone just disappears off the radar. It is sad when that happens and it is a blog you enjoy.

  2. I hate to see good blogs end, but I guess such things are sometimes needed, since life can take unexpected turns. Some folks say good-bye and some don't; maybe they think they can't handle the emotion. We had one of our granddaughters yesterday, too. It's always fun. TIRING, but fun!


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