Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping our babies this year :)

I realize the calendar says Springs..... but I have my doubts they say we may get a little snow this weekend! I am hoping with Spring we will get back to normal, what we call normal :) With the warmer weather (coming soon) I will be able to get Mom out a bit more and maybe get rid of the cough that has not went away since her bout with phenomena in December.
On to the garden :D I am sooo ready to plant! I have been working on the size of the upper garden and am happy to say it will almost double in size from last years. What took the most time with regards to the extended garden was taking apart all the (over 40 years old) rabbit and chicken cages, they were so old some I pulled apart with my hands. My sister and I just finished with the cages yesterday and my nephew, being a good big brother took the scrap metal (his little brother helped so I gave him the scrap) so the next step is putting up the fence. I always use a 6 foot fence because between the goats, cows, chickens etc...I want to cover all the bases! It amazes me how the goats or cows seem to sense when the yard gate is left open even if only for a few minutes!
We decided after the price cow's went up to last year we better just keep our girls from last year and this year or we would never be able to afford to increase our heard!
Snow Flakes little one finally has a name, my grand daughter likes Sugar Plum and like usual if they have a name it means they can stay (even if I were not trying to increase the heard...... :)
We are also keeping Bella's calf on the left and Ellie's calf on the right
Callie (on left) also has a home, her mom Rosie is on the right
Sister is also staying, her and Callie were born spring of last year so we can breed them this summer.
Elevens calf we have not decided if we are keeping yet, but I do know one thing for sure as soon as hay is in the first cutting I am stocking up! This winter has been so hard we ran our of hay the last of February and have been scrambling every since. The hay cost double the usual price (by double I mean double of the inflated price of last fall) and I was lucky to get that I also gave more grain than usual since I was not to sure how good the hay was we were getting......goes along with farming.....some good years some bad, but its still worth it and I wouldn't change a thing. The grass (lucky me) has started to come up last week and not to soon since I fed the last round bale to the cows yesterday and cant find anymore.

I also got our three baby goats dis-budded last week, I swore I would never do this again but these are our future milk goats and since I have been horned a few times and cut up many cattle panels getting a goat horn out..........

All three by the next day were back to normal, the two babies on the left I have not named yet and Valentine is on the right.

Its been a while from my last post so I thought I would also include how many teeth my little one has lost since my last post. She has lost four teeth on the top and two on the bottom, now she talks with a lisp its sooo cute. :)


  1. I really miss having cattle, but at 57, it seems a little late in life to start into it again. I enjoyed looking at yours, though.

    1. Its never to late! I have just started getting back into it the last few years and I am 50. They keep me busy and I get more exercise then I would without them :)

  2. WOW! A lot has been happening on your farm. SO good to hear from you and have some news. Happy Spring finally!!Love all the pictures!


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