Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Friday, September 7, 2012

New calf is nursing :)

Sorry it has taken me so long to update about our new baby (lot of canning) :) I posted last week about our new baby calf, I could not get her to nurse her mommy (only me since hubby was at work until the weekend) and since she is a temperamental cow I thought it wise not to get that close to the new mom...so I was bottle feeding the baby. Welll Gorges left me a note about putting her in a head chute so she cold not move and try to help her baby then.....and that reminded me I had totally forgot about our old loading chute (Dad built it but it has not been used in over 20 years) anyway about a quarter of the way into the loading chute is a head catcher,  we used to run the calves into the loading chute and get them into the head catcher, give them their shots then open it and they went on out forward and we added a gate on the side of the loading chute so they could exit there, this way they didn't have to walk up the loading chute. Anyway to make a long story short when I tried it (the head catcher) it still opened and closed! :) Soooo I got the cow in the loading shoot, then in the head catcher and got the calf, it took about 20 minutes but then the calf started nursing.
And has been doing great since, thanks Gorges for helping me remember something I should not have  forgotten :) My internet friends have been so helpful sooo many times, thanks! :)


  1. Awww I love all your cute critters!
    Your blog banner is gorgeous! I'm loving your blog!!!
    Mary Jo

    1. Thanks Mary Jo, I have not been blogging the last few weeks (I miss it). I have been doing a lot of canning I hope to be finished this week or at the latest next week because cutting wood will start soon. This year seems to have flown by! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi linda, I agree there is nothing so sweet as a new born.


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