Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]

Walking With Grandmpa [my father and grand-daughter]
"I like walking with granpa his steps are short like mine." (dedicated to my dad who passed 4/1/10)

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Molly, my protector, my friend

 This is my (every morning) quiet time, its after Jim leaves for work and before Mom and Sid wake up, its almost 2 hours. My time to read a book on my kindle or just think, its always so calm setting on the couch with only the light coming from the fireplace. Well this morning I had a lot to be thankful for mainly my Molly.

Molly is my Great Pyrenees, she is just always here, she seems to know everything that goes on. I never really realized how good of a thing that can be! Yesterday I was walking/checking/repairing fences, we have about 3 miles of fences to keep up, so I had walked a good ways from the Polaris. I know this sounds odd but all of a sudden I got this "I'm being watched feeling". I should not have, but I ignored it and went back to removing the tree from the fence, but I couldn't shake the feeling. I stopped working and slowly started fanning the trees, looking, I didn't see them at first but when I made eye contact my first thought was my Polaris is way to far from me and also they are between me and it. It was 2 big dogs looked about 80 pounds each, boxer mix, beautiful full of muscle dogs, at least as big as Molly. 

I turned to slowly walk away but they started forward, I turned back and again made eye contact and slowly started walking backwards to the open field behind me. But with each step I took so did they, they were keeping their distance, not growling but not waging their tails either. On the way I found a stick and slowly picked it up (just in case) , I'm not saying they were going to hurt me, I just couldn't tell. I finally got into the open field and slowly kept walking still backwards. The dogs both stayed in the tree lines, but as I'm walking up the field (sideways now) they are walking still in the trees. The house is farther away but the Polaris is still between me and them, so I start to walk slowly toward the house.

Then I heard barking in front of me, and out of the trees comes Molly, I was so happy to see her! She ran past me and into the upper field, all I hear is animals running. My legs were so wobbly I just stood there trying to catch my breath, in just a few minutes Molly comes running back to me and we both walked home. Like I said I'm not saying the dogs were going to attack, they may have been acting this way because they were afraid/curious of me. But all I could think of at the time was I have lost two 4 month old calves to something in the last 10 days....

 Setting here now looking at the fireplace and listening to the rain hitting our tin toof, I can't help but think I may have just gotten really lucky. I learned a few more important lessons (even at my age), don't get to far from the Polaris, dont ignore a funny feeling, and always keep a stick near. Remembering yesterday I thank God for my Molly, everyone needs a gentle giant that would protect you no matter what.


  1. Being a guy might make a difference, but I always speak friendly-like to strange dogs and watch their reaction. If their tails don't start wagging, I don't trust them. I'd ask around and try to learn where they came from and speak to the owners if possible.

  2. Agreed, I usually do also, I love animals all kinds:) I think it was because I had no were to run to that scared me and I've never been in that situation before. In the future if it happens again ill do it a bit differently. Been checking with neighbors and put on fb in case they were lost and trying to get home


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